Corey Martin

     Corey Martin is a professional photographer who has worked several of our shows. If you want to hire him (see some of his work in the above photo), contact us at and we will put you in touch with him.

For more information on any of the other groups that support Taichung Improv, visit the following pages:

Frog Mexican Restaurant
and Pub

Taipei Comedy Club
Taipei, Taiwan

GuanXi Magazine

Taipei Players
Performing Group

Retro Coffee Shop
Near the Taichung Art Museum

Open Theater
Taichung City

iLearn Taiwan

Titty Tea
Jhubei (Near Hsin Chu)

Stock 20
Experimental Theater

Whose Travel:

BEST Language School
Taichung, Taiwan

Mind Field
Movie Productions

Corey Martin

The Refuge
Dakeng, just outside Taichung

Ryan Harrington:

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